Rad Sweater Party

We are proud to announce that after many requests and a four year hiatus, we are resuming the Rad Sweater Party! However, there is a caveat. The police were called in 2013 which contributed to the hiatus. Regrettably, we have to keep attendance to a minimum to mitigate this issue. Therefore, this is an invitation only event.


This year the party is dual purpose. It will also server as a housewarming party (same location, new inhabitant). 

Festivities include: 
- Raddest Sweater (ensemble) Competition - Most Holiday Spirit wins!
- Non-dominant Hand Holiday Card Art Contest
- Instant Camera Photo-booth (photos will be available for download)
- Epic Sax Guy Dance-Off
- Blind-tasting Eggnog
- John's Turkey Meatballs
- Anna's Delicious Christmas Cookies
- Cheeseballs Served in a Bowl (we've decided to forgo the cheeseball waterfall this year)
- and more!


The 2013 Rad Sweater Party reached epic proportions until the police responded to a noise complaint. Cheeseballs waterfalls.


The inaugural Rad Sweater Party was tons of fun.